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MT.Evolute v.3.1 on wheel module

MT.Evolute is a modular mobile mechatronic complex, designed especially for education purposes. It’s construction is suitable for fast and easy modification. It is aimed to help school and university students. With the help of MT.Evolute it is possible to rapidly develop and build robotic platform to study control algorithms, sensor data acquistion and microcontroller programming.

Open source

MT.Evolute v.3.1 on wheel module

Nowadays, 3-d printing is a common thing. There are many possibilities to get your details printed. You can easily develop your own modules.

Our philosophy

We tried to minimize the screwdriver usage during robot modification. Instead, MT.Evolute offers you standartised set of sockets for sensord modules and textile contact tape so that the brains of the robot won’t be flying here and there during movement.

To sum up

MT.Evolute is distributed with Creative Commons «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike» license and therefore is available for free for non-commercial usage.

MT.Evolute is developed by Mechatronics department of ITMO University. Our team (v.3.1):

  • Dmitry Kupriyanov
  • Alexey Meshkov
  • Ivan Ustyugov
  • Alexandr Lukin
  • Roman Skripko
  • Nkita Kopev